25-year-old wife murdered after leaving cobra in room, double life imprisonment for husband | Uthara murder case Husband Sooraj sentenced to double life imprisonment

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Husband convicted of killing wife in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram : A Kerala husband has been sentenced to double life imprisonment for killing his wife by biting her with a snake. Suraj was found guilty of torturing and killing his 25-year-old wife Uttara for a dowry. The Sessions Court of Kollam ruled in the case.

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The defense had demanded the death sentence for Suraj. However, Suraj will have to serve 10 years and 7 years in a row on two charges before starting life imprisonment. He has also been fined Rs 5 lakh.

What’s the matter?

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The wife was living at her uncle’s house, 40 km from Uttara Kollam. He was bitten by a snake while sleeping, which killed her. The incident took place on May 7, 2020. At that time, Suraj-Uttara had been married for 2 years and they also have a one-year-old child.

The plaintiffs have accused Uttara’s husband Suraj S Kumar of deliberately leaving a cobra in his wife’s room so that she would die after being bitten by a snake. He is also accused of giving his wife sleeping pills before plotting the plot. The investigation also revealed that on March 2 last year, Suraj had left a cobra in the house with the intention of killing his wife.

Attempted to kill the snake already

On March 2, 2020, the north was bitten by a snake while she was at her husband’s house at Parkode near Adoor in Pathanamthitta district. At that time, she was treated at a private medical college in Tirvalla for about 16 days. She was completely sick from being bitten by a Russell Viper snake. She had been bedridden for 52 days. She also had to undergo plastic surgery.

What had happened

Uttara’s mother claimed that her daughter and Suraj had gone to bed after dinner. The sun used to rise late. But the next day he got up early and went out. So the North didn’t wake up on time as usual. When her mother went into the room, she found Uttara unconscious. A search of the room later turned up a snake, which was killed.

Ten lakhs in cash, car-gold in dowry

Suraj was given a dowry. This included Rs 10 lakh in cash, property, a new car and gold. Even after a failed marriage of two years, he tried to ask for more dowry, Uttara’s mother alleged.

Suraj was arrested on May 24 on suspicion of attending to her death. On July 12, Suraj publicly confessed that he had bought snakes twice from Garudi Suresh Kumar of Paripalli in Kollam for Rs 10,000.

What’s in the indictment

An investigation team led by former rural SP S Harishankar had submitted scientific evidence to the court, including an autopsy and an autopsy of the snake. According to the chargesheet filed on November 1, Suraj had twice tried to kill Uttar by releasing a venomous snake.

Although Garudi was accused in the case of handing over a venomous snake to Suraj, he became a government witness in the case which started on December 1. During the hearing, he told the court that he handed over the snake to Suraj without knowing the motive. Suraj was charged with murdering his wife, while his parents and sister were charged with domestic violence. Many, including Uttara’s parents Vijay Senan and Manimegalai, were eagerly awaiting the outcome of the murder case.

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