Increase in the amount of fine particles in the state; Effect of polluting industries RS News

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Nagpur : More than 50 percent of the population of the state lives in urban areas and there has been a large urbanization. At the same time, there are 37 thousand 102 industries in the state. As a result, huge energy demand and corresponding air pollution stress is coming to the state. The amount of ‘PM 10’ i.e. ultra fine dust particles has increased to a great extent in the state.

Utkal University Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahu and ‘National Institute of Advanced Studies’ Prof. A team of researchers led by Gufran Baig is building a village- and city-level ‘database’ of several critical air pollutants and sources of greenhouse gases, taking into account the role of various regional sources and changing policies. According to this study, road dust is the highest i.e. 29 percent, followed by residential dust 22 percent, traffic dust 10 percent.

Industries and thermal power generation projects are major contributors to PM 10 emissions in the state. Open burning of solid waste generated in municipal areas and street vendors have created a new challenge. Because it has caused the emission of ‘PM10’. Therefore, many air pollutants are easily mixed with the atmosphere. Across the country, there are 132 cities that fail to meet national air quality standards. According to the data of the Central Pollution Control Board, there are 19 such cities in the state.


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