In the US state of Colorado, the police handcuffed the suspect and left him in his car parked on the railway tracks. RS News

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Sacramento, September 26 (Hussan Ladoa Banga/Punjab Mail) – The police of the state of Colorado, USA, arrested a suspect in a road accident and left him handcuffed in his car parked on the railway tracks. After a few minutes, the train hit the car and dragged the car for several feet. The cars were badly damaged. Although the suspected woman has survived, her condition is said to be critical. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has said that the female suspect, Jareni Rios Gonzalez, is seriously injured, with multiple cuts on her body, but is expected to survive. The police has also released the video of this incident. According to the information received, the police officers arrested the suspect woman and left her in her car standing on the railway tracks and they themselves started searching the suspect woman’s truck which was also standing behind the car. In a few moments, the train hit the car. In the released video, police officers are seen asking for medical help. Chief Carl Dwyer of the Platteville Police Department has said that the officer who parked the car on the railway tracks has been sent on forced leave with pay. He will remain on leave till the investigation of the matter is completed. The police have not released the names of the other police officers involved in the incident. According to the Weld County District Attorney’s Office, no charges have yet been filed against any suspects or victims or any police officers, and the entire case remains under investigation. Meanwhile, Rios Gonzalez’s lawyer Paul Wilkinson has said that 8 ribs of his client’s body have been broken. One arm is broken. He also has serious injuries on his back and head.

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