In the assembly, the water supply minister was introduced to the problem, said – even today our city is thirsty. In the assembly, the water supply minister was introduced to the problem, said – our city is still thirsty RS News

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Vasudev Devnani spoke to the minister regarding the drinking water problem of Ajmer in the assembly.

Former Education Minister and current Ajmer North MLA Vasudev Devnani is serious about the drinking water crisis prevailing in Ajmer. MLA Devnani also spoke to the Minister of Water Resources of the Rajasthan government during the assembly regarding this. He not only made Water Supply Minister Mahesh Joshi aware of the drinking water problem of Ajmer residents but also demanded to solve this serious problem at the earliest.

Giving information to the Minister for Water Supply, Devnani said that due to the inaction of the government and departmental officers, there is a serious drinking water crisis in Ajmer. Consumers have to wait for three to four days for drinking water. Drinking water is not available in the city even in 24 hours and even 48 hours away. Water is getting in 72-96 hours. There are some colonies and villages where water is getting in very less quantity and very less fresher in 5-6 days. Devnani said that in most of the colonies, drinking water is not available even in 72-96 hours in Ward 1-16 and Ward 60-80 situation. With long gaps in many colonies, there are frequent complaints of dirty drinking water coming here. In some areas, even after a long gap of 5-6 days, drinking water supply for only 30 minutes, that too slow speed is a big problem.

Drinking water comes from taps with such low pressure that people are unable to fill water for the next three days. Village Boraj, Kazipura, Hathikheda and Kharekhdi, Lohagal and Makdwadi rural areas are getting water supply at intervals of more than 96 hours. Even after making the departmental officers aware of the problem many times, even lice are not crawling on their ears. The government is also not showing seriousness regarding the third phase construction of Bisalpur dam. The government has not taken a single step so far, far from making a concrete plan in this regard. Devnani demanded the minister to take strictest action against the departmental officers who were negligent in supplying drinking water within 48 hours and in the future within 24 hours and in resolving the drinking water crisis.

MLA Vasudev Devnani said that Bisalpur Dam was built for Ajmer, but Ajmer itself is dying of thirst.

Ajmer is still thirsty

Informing the minister, Devnani said that it is true that the Bisalpur dam was built for Ajmer. Then there was hope that Ajmer would get 24 hours water but the opposite happened. Ajmer, for which it was built, is dying of thirst and other districts are being provided with plenty of water every day. Ajmer is being treated step-motherly, due to which there is anger among the public. Due to non-availability of water in the urban area even in 48 hours, the patience of the people is now answering.

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