Important demand for sex workers in court after ban on prostitution after ban on prostitution


Important demand for sex workers in court after ban on prostitution after ban on prostitution

Nagpur: Due to the legal status of prostitution abroad, prostitutes have access to health facilities and various means of livelihood. In India, however, the situation is different. Recently, the police cracked down on prostitution at Gangajmana in Nagpur. The prostitutes there no longer have any means of livelihood. A petition has been filed in the court seeking a monthly grant of Rs 5,000 and a house of 1,200 square feet.

The Commissioner of Police issued a notification on August 25, 2021 to ban prostitution in the city’s Gangajmana brothel. Mukesh Shahu has challenged the notification in the High Court. During the last hearing, the court had directed Shahu to further amend the petition and file it in a modified form.

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Accordingly, Shahu has filed an amended petition through his lawyer Chandrasekhar Sakhare. Take it on Thursday. Sunil Shukre and Justice. The hearing was held before Anil Pansare. Accordingly, prostitution is legal in Brazil, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, England, USA and other countries in the world. The windmills there have been given legal status. So they have various financial, health and shelter facilities. Prostitutes in India do not have them. They should also be given these facilities in India. They should be provided a grant of Rs. 5,000 per month or a means of subsistence. It is also demanded that a 1200 sq ft house and health facilities should be provided for the purpose of shelter.

Meanwhile, the next hearing of the case has been postponed for three weeks.

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