IIT Bombay Student Group Alleges Hostility by Institute During Silent Vigil Against Palestinian Children ReadingS


Tweet Alleges IIT-B Management’s Hostility Towards Silent Vigils Against Palestinian Children | X/@IITN4Justice

Mumbai: An event organized at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) on Children’s Day to honor the memory of children killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict was met with administrative hostility by the institute’s Director of Security. Media site X claimed.

The post by @IITN4Justice says that the institute’s NGO aggressively ordered the group to disperse and seized stationery, citing lack of approval, and that when the students asked for written orders, they were unable to issue any orders.

This meeting was organized by a few students and faculty members near the School of Management building at IIT-B.

The post added: ‘The NGO ordered security guards equipped with batons to take position and threatened to hold a drill with additional guards, frightening the group with the possibility of violence.’

The post also states that the institution was informed about the incident in advance, but they still faced administrative blockage.

Yesterday, IIT-B issued a set of guidelines regarding events organized on campus, including that protests on campus require prior permission from the institute and local police. The instructions came in the backdrop of two incidents on the IITB campus regarding ongoing violence in the Middle East and drew heated reactions from students and activists across the political spectrum.

IIT Bombay did not immediately respond to FPJ’s request for comment.

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news source (www.freepressjournal.in)


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