I am just one molecule in the global acceptance of Indian food: Vikas Khanna ReadingS


You’re not just a super chef, you’re super at so many things… how do you manage to wear so many hats?

“I think cooking has given me a platform to benefit from what I’ve learned from India and its aromatic cuisines. I don’t think any Indian chef before me has had the same opportunities. I keep reminding myself that these opportunities are God’s way of telling me to tell my stories. I overcome all obstacles to get where I am.” how I overcame it. How I fought for inclusivity and how the next generation of NRI professionals did the same is a narrative that needs to be put forward.”

Do you see your role as chief as an opportunity to have a say in issues that bother you, like hunger and education?

“I think cooking is the medium for me to raise my voice on the global platform about India’s secularism and democracy. I can speak out on issues that are beyond my control because I never stress, I never take anything personally. Keep moving forward. As I told you, I give my time and energy for the right things “I want to use it. I manage to increase my 24 hours to 48 hours every day. God has been gracious and I have to give back what he gave me. Me.”

As an Indian global achiever, how do you feel when you are accepted as a world ambassador?

“Whenever I am mentioned as the cultural ambassador of India, I answer: I am not. I am just part of the international chain of Indians who came before me… chefs, writers, food producers, television hosts… These people built a bridge between Indian culture and the West.” It’s just a small part of the bridge, a board. But this board is also important. Giving new chefs the opportunity, giving them a voice, applauding them, I stand behind them. As I get older, I feel a little less insecure about my place in the universe. The most important thing for me is to welcome new talents mentoring and applauding them. The future of Indian cuisine is in safe hands.”

news source (www.nationalheraldindia.com)


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