Husband sent fake video of ‘suicide’ to harass wife, how did the police reveal the fake? | Uttar pradesh kanpur man fake suicide to annoy wife

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Lucknow – The incidents of a couple committing suicide in a marital quarrel are revealed many times, but in Kanpur, the husband found a new way to harass his wife. He faked his death to harass his wife and father-in-law’s congregations and went viral on social media by making a fake video of the death. However, his fabrication was exposed.

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What’s the matter?

When the young man’s father-in-law’s men informed the police control room that Javaya had committed suicide and told them to go to the spot, his scandal was exposed. After police arrived at the scene, the actions of the husband who pretended to be dead and a friend who made a fake video of him were revealed. Police have now arrested the two and are investigating further.

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Sent video to sister-in-law

Chhedi Lal, who lives in Nawabganj, Kanpur, staged a dramatic event to dramatize his own death. Chhedi Lal’s father-in-law is in Unnao. He argued with his father-in-law’s congregations and threatened Mehuna Kundan that he was going to commit suicide. A few hours later, he sent a video of his own death to his sister-in-law’s mobile phone.

Mitra arrested along with accused Javaya

The video was made by him with the help of his friend Kalicharan, in which he pretended to commit suicide. Police have registered a case against Chhedi Lal and his friend Kalicharan and arrested them.

DCP West BBGT S Murthy said that the control room had received information about the suicide of a youth, when the police investigated, it came to light that the youth and his friend had committed this fake act, after which the police have been ordered to take action.

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