How credible is the ‘Muslim reach’ of the RSS? What is Mohan Bhagwat doing? RS News

Reactions to RSS sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat’s first visit to a mosque and madrasa in New Delhi this week have been mixed. The RSS chief, who took over as KS Sudarshan in 2009, had never visited a mosque before. However, the RSS denied any significance to the visit, claiming that the RSS chief regularly meets people from all walks of life and the Sangh’s Muslim reach is at least 20 years old. Then why did the RSS chief take 13 years to visit the mosque and madrasa?

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The RSS, undoubtedly, does not want to utter a word to condemn or condemn the lynching of Muslims, depriving them of space to offer Friday prayers and calling for economic boycott and genocide of Muslims; The RSS is silent on the ruthless apology of life imprisonment to the accused in the Bilkis Bano gangrape case; Which is why the visit generated far more cynicism than expected.

RSS leader Indresh Kumar, who heads the Rashtriya Muslim Manch and has been at the fore of the Sangh’s ‘Muslim outreach’, rubbished speculation that the Sangh is headed towards becoming more inclusive.

After the RSS chief’s well-publicized visit to the mosque and madrasa, he told the media that there was no change or dilution in the ideology of the Sangh. He also dismissed suggestions that the yatra was inspired by the success of the ongoing ‘Bharat Jodi Yatra’.

Imam Umar Ahmed Ilyasi, head of the All India Imam Sangathan, claimed that the RSS chief had visited the mosque and madrasa on his invitation. The excited Imam in his gaiety called the Bhagwat ‘Father of the Nation’Raise your eyebrows

It is said that a month ago the meeting of the RSS chief with five prominent Muslim intellectuals was also organized at the initiative of the intellectuals. The group of five included former Chief Election Commissioner SY Qureshi, former Aligarh Muslim University vice-chancellor Zameer Uddin Shah, editor and journalist Shahid Siddiqui, former Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung and businessman Saeed Sherwani.

To be fair, Bhagwat insisted in 2019 that strict action would be taken against RSS volunteers if found involved in lynchings of Muslims. Maulana Arshad Madani of famous Madrasa Darul Uloom Last year, he had also welcomed Bhagwat’s statement that ‘the DNA of both Hindus and Muslims is the same in India’. Since Jats, Rajputs and Gujjars, among others, were both Hindus and Muslims, he said, Bhagwat was correct about the DNA comment.

But such statements have failed to generate much confidence as BJP-ruled states have leaned backwards to harass Muslims. Anti-NRC protesters jailed, Muslim protesters’ homes vandalized, Muslims persecuted as foreigners in Assam and Muslim girl students barred from wearing hijabs in Karnataka; And of course the discrimination against Muslims in recruitment continues and the RSS has done little to stop the call for economic boycott of Muslims.

The hypocrisy of the RSS chief also stems from the fact that for the first time since independence, the ruling party does not have a single Muslim MP in the Lok Sabha to represent 15 per cent of the country’s population. There is no Muslim minister in the Union Cabinet also.

So, what is the RSS chief doing? Is he serious about changing the RSS’s worldview? The RSS and its shakhas have made no bones about their belief that Muslims should live as second-class citizens in a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. The equality of Hindus and Muslims is not something the RSS is known for.

If RSS gives up its anti-Muslim stand, it loses its raison d’etre. There could be rebellion within the RSS and Bhagwat also on the charge of compromising on the core beliefs of the Sangh.

There are other reasons to believe that there is nothing to go to the Bhagwat’s mosque. When the RSS chief was visiting the mosque, the Attorney General of India was defending the ban on hijab in schools and colleges in Karnataka in the Supreme Court. The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh continued its controversial ‘survey’ of madrassas, which included less than four percent of Muslim school-going children; And BJP leaders made scathing remarks on a picture of Rahul Gandhi walking hand-in-hand with a little girl wearing a burqa.

BJP and Sangh supporters celebrate the trial court’s decision to hear petitions on the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi and continue to suggest that ‘freedom’ Krishna Janmabhoomi Next on his agenda was in Mathura.

So it is difficult to take the RSS chief’s symbolism seriously. However, the gesture may well have been motivated by the compulsion of the Union to organize an olive branch for Islamic countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

It is no secret that VHP and RSS are expanding in these countries. But after the BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on TV reacted to the abusive words about the Prophet, the gesture may have become necessary.

The RSS has also faced international criticism for its export of communal hatred, bigotry, casteism and caste hierarchy. In this light the ‘outreach’ of the RSS can be seen as a damage control measure.

It is possible that the union is concerned with the Frankenstein he issued. With Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur slamming the media for TV channels promoting divisive ideology and the Supreme Court for turning a deaf ear to hate speech, the BJP too has been singing a different tune recently. Is.

The Union ranks may realize for a while that things have come a long way; That now at least until the next general election, there is a need to slow down and exercise some restraint.

Or the ‘outreach’ could be part of the RSS and BJP’s plan to create confusion among Muslims and divide the Muslim vote. The consolidation of Muslim votes in favor of the opposition is not what they hope for.


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