How beneficial is sorghum seeds sown on Navratri for health ?; You too will be amazed if you read it! | Know how beneficial are the barley seeds grass jowar sown in navratri pooja

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Mumbai : At the time of installation of kalash in Navratri, various grains are mixed and thrown on the side of kalash. In particular, it contains a large amount of sorghum. It then grows in a few days. This grain, which looks like a green crop, is considered auspicious. But did you know that this grain is very beneficial in terms of health. Sorghum is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. This can make up for the lack of blood and platelets quickly.

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Beneficial for bones

Sorghum is rich in calcium. Calcium is extremely beneficial for bones. Consumption of sorghum does not cause calcium deficiency in the body. In such cases it protects the body from the risk of osteoporosis and takes care of dental health.

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Eliminates weakness

Wheatgrass juice and blood pH coefficient is only 7.4. In such cases, it mixes with the blood very quickly. If a person has anemia or any other problem related to blood, drinking sorghum juice can get rid of it easily in a few days.

ulcerpasoon rest

Sorghum contains alkaline minerals. Which relieves ulcers, constipation and diarrhea. In addition it purifies the blood. In such cases, eczema is relieved.

Cold-cough and asthma

If you have seasonal cold and cough, sorghum juice is very beneficial for you. If you take it regularly, it strengthens your immune system and all problems can be avoided. It is also considered very beneficial for asthma patients.

Maintains heart health

Sorghum juice helps to flush out excess cholesterol from the body. It absorbs cholesterol before it enters the bloodstream. This helps control cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy. In addition, it also avoids the risk of stroke.

The digestive system stays healthy

Sorghum contains two types of fiber. Insoluble and soluble. Its insoluble fiber strengthens the good bacteria in the body and the soluble fiber absorbs excess sugar from the body. This allows the digestive system to function properly.

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(Know how beneficial are the barley seeds grass jowar sown in navratri pooja)

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