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10,892 houses are already registered in PMAY

Geotagging completed for 7,307 houses

Elurucity, September 23: 16,069 houses have been sanctioned for the district under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) for rural. According to the Awas Plus data conducted in 2017, around 27 thousand people have been identified as eligible to build houses in this scheme. Now, PMAY has allocated 16,069 houses to the district under Grammy No. Among those eligible for this scheme, 3,139 people have already built their own houses. Payments are due to beneficiaries. In this scheme, funds of 1 lakh 80 thousand rupees have been allocated for the construction of each house. Of these, the central share is Rs.72 thousand, the state share is Rs.48 thousand, the additional share related to the state government is Rs.30 thousand, and Rs.30 thousand will be allocated under NREGS.

Allotment of rural houses

According to Awas Plus data, houses have been granted to 16,069 people in the district. The registration of beneficiaries has already been completed in connection with the construction of 10,892 houses. Another 5,177 people are yet to be registered. The geo-tagging process has been completed for the construction of 7,307 houses while the geo-tagging of 3,585 houses is yet to be completed. List of Mandalas Wise Like Listen to Like .. Pedavegi 784, Dedulur 803, Pedapadu 875, Dwarakathirumala 1,123, Kamavarapukota 654, Lingapalem 1275, Jangareddigudem 614, Chintalapudi 1273, T.Narasapuram 1091 829, Nujiveedu 187, Jeelugumilli 690, Unguthuru 96, Bhimadolu 63, Kaikaluru 57, Nidamarru 80, Musunur 603, Ganapavaram 62, Mudinepalli 30, Kukkunur 46, Velerupadu 159, Mandavalli 8, 880 houses have been allotted to Chatrai Mandal.

We will complete the houses quickly

Steps have been taken to speed up the construction of houses under the PMAY Gramin scheme in the district. Construction of 3,139 houses has already been completed in this scheme. We will complete the rest soon.

– T. Venugopal, Project Director of District Housing Corporation


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