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Kolar (Sep. 24): The problem of robbers has increased. Usually, the person who comes to the house to give the marriage invitation card is invited inside and talked to. On the other hand, an incident of House Robbery has taken place in Kolara, where the people who came to give the wedding invitation paper robbed the house. The owner is in tears after losing money and goods worth millions.

43 lakh stolen and escaped

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The incident took place in Sampangere village of Malur taluk of the district where the robbers came to the house on the pretext of giving a marriage invitation card, looted 43 lakh cash and 250 grams of gold jewelery from the house. A robbery took place at the house of Manjunath, a resident of Sampangere village.

They grabbed the money in the house and ran away

Manjunath’s wife Mamata was alone at home last night. At this time, the robbers noticed that no one was there and came to the house on the pretext of giving them a marriage invitation. When the woman in the house asked for her address, he sprayed her unconscious and stole the money from the house and ran away.

A trap has been laid to find the accused.

Manjunath had kept around 43 lakh rupees in the house which he had got from selling the land recently. Manjunath’s condition is that he has no money and no land. The Malur police visited the place and conducted an investigation, registered a case and laid a trap to trace the accused.

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Belgaum BDCC Bank Robbery

The theft took place in the BDCC Bank branch of Murugoda village in Sadavatti taluk of Belgaum district. A total of Rs 4.37 crores in cash and gold jewelery worth Rs 1.65 crores were looted in the robbery. As the incident came to light, Belarachhu experts, dog squad and Muragodu police visited the place and conducted an investigation. The bank branch was completely taken over by the police and no one was allowed inside.

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Complaint from the manager to the police

Pramod Yaligara, manager of BDCC Bank Muragoda branch, has lodged a complaint with the police. He said that he has been working in this bank for the past one month. Apart from that, 6 people are managing the work of manager, cashier and staff in the bank. There was 4.41 crore rupees in cash and 3.93 kg of gold jewelery which had been loaned to the bank yesterday.

There were two sets of Shatter Key and Strong Room Key. The strong room is not broken, instead it is opened using a key. Manager Pramod Yaligar complained that the CCTV DVR was also stolen.

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