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Leader Online Desk : Crimson darkness… life-shattering screams… mind-numbing thrills increasing every moment and mysteries unfolding after heavy pressure on the mind… all these moments we experience in horror films; But why do we buy all this stress? That is, why do most people like to watch such horror films even though horror films cause great stress on our minds? Let’s learn about the psychology of fear behind what is…

Horror Films: The development of ‘NLL’ in America tells..

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Horror films have a profound effect on our minds. There is such a craze for these movies and TV series that some people only like horror movies. The answer to why human fear is so fascinating lies in a theory of psychology. Research done by the US National Library of Medicine (NLL) says that, the interest in horror is developing in childhood. If adults lack empathy and fear, they love to watch horror movies. They derive pleasure from the psychological tension created by horror. Children are scared of the horror in these movies while teenagers are scared of realistic horror.

Why do many people like to watch horror films?, the answer to this question has been given by Noel Carroll, a famous thinker in America. He says that the audience gets pleasure from the structure and plot of the story. The inevitability of the story as a whole and its complete unraveling of the mystery gives the audience a psychological satisfaction.

According to the study of psychology, horror films are designed to thrill the audience. Horror films are created from the idea of ​​entertainment through fear. Some viewers have an attraction to fear. The makers of horror films keep in mind the attraction of fear and arrange how the film will seem more frightening.

Music and soundtracks are a special focus for horror films

Changes in the body of the audience while watching horror films have also been studied in psychology. In the movie, there would also be a slow down or an increase in the speed of the film. The most effective element in such films is sound. That is why music and soundtracks are given special attention while watching horror films. Because scary sounds affect human emotion, it is clear in various researches in psychology.

According to a study done by the National Library of Medicine (NLL), “Mystery is the experience of uncertainty, meaning danger, tension, resolution of this tension. Horror films give the audience an experience of uncertainty. But this experience varies from person to person. For some it can be harmful, while for some it can be a pleasant experience due to stress relief.”

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