Hindu vote politics in punjab election 2022

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These days the politics of Hindu votes is going on in Punjab which is dominated by Sikhs. Shiromani Akali Dal chief Sukhbir Singh Badal has paid obeisance in many temples in the past, while Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is also attending the events of Hindu religion. Assembly elections are to be held in Punjab in February 2022.

When Sukhbir Badal attended the Devi Talab temple in Jalandhar, Kejriwal also reached there. Amidst the fierce fights going on within the Congress, Akali Dal and Aam Aadmi Party are hoping that if they get Hindu votes along with the Sikhs, they can hoist their flag in the politics of the state.

Sukhbir Badal is also making rounds of Hindu temples because he used to get Hindu votes by being with the BJP, but this time the responsibility of bringing Hindu votes to the party’s bag is on his shoulders.

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In Punjab, 40 percent of the population is Hindu, in such a situation, all the parties try to cultivate this population.

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Sunil Jakhar Factor

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The Congress may be at a slight disadvantage in this matter because once Sunil Jakhar’s name was almost fixed for the post after Amarinder Singh stepped down as the chief minister, it was his being a Hindu.

Hindu vote politics in punjab election 2022 - Satya Hindi

Because some Punjab Congress leaders argued that making a Hindu face the chief minister in a Sikh-majority state could harm the party in the election. Congress has been getting a major share of Hindu votes in Punjab. But even after Sunil Jakhar’s name is almost decided, there are reports of resentment among the Hindu community for not making him the Chief Minister.

Sensing this fact, Congress has made OP Soni, who comes from the Hindu community, as Deputy Chief Minister. But Sunil Jakhar’s IGion of displeasure several times in the last few days may prove to be difficult for the party.

The BJP, the fourth major party of the state, has the support of Hindu votes only. As long as the BJP was with the Akali Dal, it used to do politics of Hindu votes and used to contest elections only on Hindu majority seats.

BJP in trouble

This tussle from the Aam Aadmi Party and the Akali Dal to pull Hindu votes will surely have an impact on the BJP. While in alliance with the Akali Dal, the BJP used to get Hindu as well as Sikh votes and it used to win some seats in Punjab.

Hindu vote politics in punjab election 2022 - Satya Hindi

But since the beginning of the farmers’ movement, it has become very difficult for the party leaders to hold rallies and election programs. There has been tremendous opposition from many leaders of the party many times. In such a situation, the party may find it difficult to get as many votes as earlier this time due to the weakening of the political ground due to the Akali Dal’s support.

Hindu leader became chief minister

Many leaders in the Hindu community of Punjab have raised the demand that this time a Hindu leader should be made the chief minister of the state, irrespective of the party. They say that how long can this community of 40 percent be kept away from its political rights.

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Haryana was separated from Punjab in 1966 and since then no Hindu leader has been able to become the Chief Minister of Punjab. Whereas in United Punjab some Hindu leaders became Chief Ministers. Apart from this, no Dalit Sikh had become the Chief Minister of Punjab till now. Channi is the first Dalit Sikh who is sitting on this most powerful chair in the state. Since then, the Hindu community has also got the hope that one of their leaders will also become the Chief Minister of Punjab.

It has to be seen which political party the Hindu community goes with.

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