Hindu female prisoners celebrate ‘Diwali festival’ ReadingS


Hyderabad: In a heartfelt celebration embracing the true spirit of Diwali, the Prisoners Welfare Team Committee brought together Hindu inmates and prison staff of Women’s Prison, Hyderabad. This festive event not only brought joy within the prison walls, but also highlighted the committee’s commitment to promoting solidarity and inclusivity.

Amid the jubilant festivities, the committee extended heartfelt Diwali greetings to the Hindu community in the prison and offered suits and sweets to share the warmth of the season. The Diwali Cake cutting ceremony has become a symbol of unity that transcends religious boundaries and creates moments of shared joy between inmates and prison staff of different faiths.

Lawyer Danish Ahmed Soomro, a special member of the Prisoners’ Welfare Committee, emphasized the importance of offering gifts as a gesture of solidarity, especially during Diwali. This thoughtful initiative aimed to boost the morale of Hindu inmates and prison staff and also convey a message of inclusivity and harmony to all religious minorities in the correctional facility.

Expressing her deep appreciation, the ASP of this facility, Ms. Sabica Soomro, appreciated the compassionate effort of the committee to embrace diversity in the Women’s Prison. He particularly praised Justice Nasir Zahid, former Supreme Court Judge and Chairman of the Prisoners’ Welfare Committee, for his important role in championing the cause of unity and celebrating cultural diversity within the prison walls.

In the true spirit of Diwali, the Prisoners’ Welfare Committee reiterates its commitment to promoting a sense of community, compassion and inclusivity in prisons. This celebration goes beyond cultural festivities and serves as a beacon of hope and unity for all inmates, regardless of their religious affiliation.

The Committee remains committed to creating a brighter, more humane environment for all, transcending religious and cultural barriers to create a more inclusive correctional facility community.

news source (dailythepatriot.com)


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