Why did I meet the family of BJP worker killed in Lakhimpur Kheri: Yogendra Yadav

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BJP block president Shubham Mishra’s grandfather Shyam Manohar, his father Vijay Mishra and mother Sushma. Praveen Jain/ThePrint
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On my way back from Lakhimpur Kheri, one question constantly haunted me: Should we see the dead divided into our own and the other’s groves? Before my eyes was the image of Shubham Mishra’s one year old daughter playing in the courtyard of the house, the stoned face of Shubham’s wife. The questions his father asked me were echoing in my ears.

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I had gone to the town of Tikunia in Lakhimpur Kheri to attend the ‘Alim Ardas’ of four farmers and a journalist. This was the place where the barbaric incident of crushing the protesting farmers took place. Perhaps because of my childhood sanskars, my mind was more engaged in Ardas than in the eloquent speeches of the tribute meeting. From the experience of visiting the victims of different types of tragedies over the years, we have learned that if you want to know and understand the sorrows, then first look at the women. The face of the woman bears testimony to the truth of the tragedy.

After the last Ardas, the women of the families of the martyr farmers got down from the stage and started going quietly. In response to my namaste, some simply looked with empty eyes, some folded their hands in response. What can you say and expect from the mother whose 19-year-old Lal was crushed to death under a car on such an occasion?

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It is one thing to read something about such a horrific incident or watch a video of such an incident, and it is a completely different thing to face such an incident in real life. It was as if someone had taken life out of the body of the mother, sister, daughter of the martyr farmers in a week. There was a dark shadow on the withered face. Lost in the midst of religious rituals, the family of journalist Raman Kashyap seemed somewhat frightened by that little unknown of the Sikh-sangat.

That disgraceful video was playing in the bottom of my mind over and over again. Time and again there was resentment against the dreaded, inebriated power which makes a man so savage that it crushes another man in such a way. Once again the resolve of mine and all the colleagues present there became stronger that the movement on this issue should be continued till the dismissal of Union Minister Ajay Mishra, the mastermind of this crime and his arrest.

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