Now users will be able to remove the followers who do not like, what is more special in the new feature of Twitter

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Twitter’s new feature | Photo: Twitter/@TwitterSupport
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New Delhi: America’s social media company Twitter has brought a new feature for its users. Under the new feature, users can remove those followers themselves which they do not like. By doing this, the deleted follower will not be notified.

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From Tuesday, this new feature has become available to users around the world. However, it will not be available on the Twitter mobile app yet, but it can only be used on the web version.

Till now Twitter did not provide any feature to remove followers. To do this, earlier only the block option was available.

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With the new feature, the user will have more options and can maintain the follower list in his own way.

Tech website The Verge Has described this new feature as ‘soft block’. It will work in the same way as the blocking feature does, but the blocked user will not get the information. In the blocking feature, the follower was detected only when he opened the followed Twitter profile.

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