Health tips: Know why our body has to be sick


Health tips: Know why our body has to be sick

New Delhi. Consuming an unbalanced diet If we keep making the same mistakes day by day, the results can wreak havoc in our body. When we make these mistakes, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to us. But doing it over and over again leads to bad and often long lasting negative effects on our body and mind. Let us know about them in detail through the article. Why do we get sick? Can we protect ourselves from getting sick? Such questions must have come to your mind many times. We all have our own different point of view regarding these questions.

what does it mean to be sick
We call disease the deterioration in the health of any person. This can be a condition when our body is suffering from mild or some serious disease. In this, there may be mild or severe problem, pain or other discomfort in our body or other parts of the body. Due to prolonged illness, our body parts become abnormal, due to which sometimes death can also occur.

We all know that there are millions of disease causing factors on this earth. So it is our responsibility to maintain our personal hygiene so that we can save ourselves from getting sick. Washing hands thoroughly with soap before eating and after using toilet, using only after washing fruits and vegetables, taking a daily bath, etc. are the main ways of maintaining our personal hygiene. If we are a little careless in all these then pathogenic things can easily enter our body and make us sick. Above all we should be careful and keep ourselves clean so that we can avoid all these common diseases.

change in weather
Also known as seasonal variation. Consequences occur when conditions are opposite to normal weather, such as cold in summer or hot in winter. Parinama or art also usually refers to the effects of time and the natural physical change that takes place over time.

week immunity
There can be many reasons for the weakening of the immune system. Such as a pre-existing disease or the habit of drinking excessive cigarettes or alcohol. Apart from this, not getting enough sleep and bad eating habits also weakens the immune system. Due to weak immune system, you can fall ill again and again and it can take a long time for you to recover. If you see these 6 symptoms then your immune system is also weak.

irregular routine
The lifestyle of many people these days has become bad due to busyness. Not doing regular exercise, eating disorders, consuming a high-fat diet, having less sleep due to staying awake throughout the night, etc. are the main reasons for all diseases. Because of this also people get sick again and again.

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