He is preparing to throw another power bomb on the people due to inflation Reading Sexy News


Preparations have been completed to drop another blitzkrieg on the people due to inflation.

According to sources, while an additional burden of 40 billion rupees is being prepared for electricity consumers, electricity is expected to be more expensive by 3 rupees and 53 paise per unit.

Sources say that the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has approached Nepra to increase electricity prices.

According to sources, the increase was requested by the CPPA under the monthly fuel regulation in October 2023.

The record increase in inflation reached 9.95 percent and the general rate reached 41.90 percent

Sources say Nepra will hear CPPA’s request on November 29. In case of an increase, the burden of approximately 40 billion rupees will fall on electricity consumers.

According to sources, the increase in electricity prices will not apply to electricity consumers.

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