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In practical terms, food can be divided into two categories: violent foods – himsa – include fish, meat and poultry; and ahimsa, or non-violent food – in other words, a vegetarian diet.

Over the last 50 years or more, medical professionals and nutritionists have largely leaned toward the view that a vegetarian diet is the best option for health. There are some people who claim that milk is an animal product and therefore should never be included in a vegetarian diet. But the truth is, we don’t kill a cow to get its milk.

Arguments in favor of a vegetarian diet fall into four categories:

one. Physiological: Meat diet is shown to be responsible for serious diseases such as cancer.

2. Moral and ethical: There is much to be said against the wanton cruelty inflicted on mute and defenseless animals.

3. EconomicIt has been proven that equal or better nutrition can be provided more efficiently and economically from plant foods than from meat foods.

4. Aesthetic: No one misses a salad or other vegetarian preparation!

Research has proven that animal fats increase blood cholesterol levels, while some vegetables lower them.

Many people are under the impression that they and their children cannot be strong unless they eat violent foods. Meat, chicken and eggs are the only things that give strength to the body. Without such nutrients, wouldn’t the body become weak and suffer from many diseases?

To answer this question, we can give the example of the elephant, one of the largest and strongest animals in the world. As we all know, she is a pure vegetarian! Another vegetarian animal is the camel, which carries heavy loads across the endless, burning desert sands!

The protein in vegetarian foods is also superior in quality to that obtained from meat foods. A well-known nutritionist, Dr. Christopher Gian Cuisio tells us: “Vegetables are a primary resource nourished by the sun and soil, while meat is a secondary resource nourished and sustained by vegetables.” Most animals killed for food live on a vegetarian diet. So why shouldn’t we go for vegetarian food, the source of all nutrition?

*25 November is the birth anniversary of Sadhu Vaswani and is celebrated as International Meatless Day.

Please promise to remain a vegetable on November 25th

(Dada JP Vaswani is a humane philosopher, educationist, acclaimed writer, powerful orator, ahimsa messiah and non-sectarian spiritual leader)

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