‘Get the body within 2 days; If not..’- Order in case of death of undertrial RS News

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The relatives of Thangapandi, who is said to have died, should receive the body within 2 days, according to the investigation by Aruppukkottai city police of Virudhunagar district. Otherwise, the Madurai High Court has issued an order that the police can bury unclaimed bodies.

He had filed a petition in the High Court, Maduraiklai. In it, “My youngest son, Thangapandi, is married and has two daughters. On the 13th, the Aruppukkottai city police took my son for questioning. The next day, on September 14, the police department contacted us on the phone and told us to go to the Virudhunagar Government Hospital. On reaching there, my son was informed that he had died. .

On the 17th, my son’s post-mortem revealed that he had injuries at 11 places and that these injuries had occurred 24 hours before his death. My son lost his life due to police custody and assault. Therefore, the case of the death of my son, who died in illegal custody, should be transferred to the CBCID for investigation,” he said.

The case came up for hearing before Justice Sukumara Group. Then the prosecution said, ‘This case investigation has already been transferred to CBCID. But his relatives did not receive his body. People were not even allowed to enter the village,” it said.

After recording this, the judge ordered, “The relatives should receive the body within 2 days. Otherwise, the police can bury the unclaimed bodies.”



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