Garba will be performed in the night, people also took a dip in Narmada ji. Garba will be performed in the night, people also took a dip in Narmada ji RS News

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Preparations have been completed for Navratri festival in the city. Apart from Bhavani Mata Temple in the city, seven Mata Mandirs and other Goddess temples located on the banks of the Narmada, adorned Mataji with special poojan and abhishek on the occasion of Navratri festival from Monday. Where every day thousands of devotees will reach for darshan. At the same time, the sequence of bathing worship of devotees also started in the Mata temple along the banks of the river Narmada. Apart from this, Garba pandals have also been prepared for the Garba dance to be held in the city.

Where from today for 9 days during the night, girls will perform more than one Garba dance. At the same time, preparations for Navratri festival were also completed at Maa Ashapuri Dham, 12 km from the city. Giving information, Trilok Yadav of the temple committee said that the new day Shatchandi Mahayagya will be organized at the mother’s dham. In which the mother will be worshiped after performing special recitation by Brahmins for 9 days and worshiping in Vedic manner by the Yagya hosts. For 9 days, arrangements will be made for Khichdi Prasadi for the devotees who come to see the mother from morning till evening.

Maha Aarti will be organized daily at 8 in the morning and at night. Along with organizing special Maha Aarti on Navami, special Balagopal Maha Aarti will also be organized by children on Thursday. Every Thursday Bal Gopal Maha Aarti is performed by the children. In which, from distribution of Prasadi, cleaning of the temple premises, playing musical instruments to revolving aarti, the entire arrangement is done by the children. Before the aarti, the activities of education, culture and rites, yoga and sports are done among the children. So that the children can be made prosperous. This year a huge Shiva statue has been enshrined at the mother’s dham. Also, about 4000 devotees can sit and take advantage of the satsang. The construction of such a satsang building is also going on which will be completed in the coming month.

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