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Anand Mohan Pudipeddi, Visakhapatnam, News18. Traffic New Rules: An average of 50 people die every hour in road accidents in India. Statistics show that more than four and a half lakh people have died in various road accidents across the country recently. There is a high death rate in the accidents that occurred between six and nine in the evening. Not only in the country.. In Visakhapatnam, which is developing at a fast pace, road accidents are causing terror all the time. Visakhapatnam, recognized as the future capital, is scary as hell. Here another interesting thing comes to light. According to the police study, most of the road accidents in the city occur between 6 pm and 9 pm. What is the reason for the increase in accidents during those three hours? If you look at the road accidents that happen every month, the police say that most people are affected by accidents at that time. But the main reason for these accidents is non-observance of traffic rules, in addition to speeding, signal jumping is also the reason. Also, the police officials have found that accidents are happening due to violation of many types of traffic rules. Due to this, Visakha City Police has taken special measures to control the traffic here.

It has been decided to implement restrictions on the national highway to prevent accidents. Heavy vehicles are prohibited on the national highway from 7 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm. The City Police has taken this decision to prevent traffic disruption and accidents for employees, traders and students who are going to different parts of the city for duty. Read this: Junior NTR who said Kodali’s line to me .. and will the former minister respond..? Especially since heavy vehicles have been banned in the city from 7 to 10, 4 to 8, two-wheeler drivers are expressing happiness that they are reaching their destination on time without any traffic disruption. They say that going to duty in the morning was like padmaview on the national highway.. Now there is no such problem. Read this: CM Jagan’s sensational decision.. Invitation to Chandrababu..! The first step of Operation 175 tomorrow is the eagle eye of the police on traffic control. To prevent road accidents in the city limits, traffic police are monitoring through CC cameras and taking strict action against those who ignore the restrictions. Also Read: Tarak’s Sensational Tweet on NTR Health University Name Change.. What is it? Officials say that the CC cameras are operating near 38 signals from Lankelapalem to Anandapuram and are being monitored by the city’s command control. Signals cross, over take, driving at the highest speed, CC TV will give an eagle eye. Vizag City Police appeals to those who violate the traffic restrictions immediately to follow the traffic rules and cooperate in preventing accidents.

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