From Maurya to Maratha washed away in Mughal love: Users lash out at Islamic glorification in NECRT books

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After the statements made by Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat on Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the debate on social media is going on. Social media users are trying to highlight how Islam has been glorified in it by sharing screenshots of several chapters of NCERT books.

Senior author Vikram Sampath, who has done extensive research and authored two books on Veer Savarkar, has drawn attention to many things through this Twitter thread and has tried to expose the infiltration of Islam in NCERT books. These school books glorify Islam, while teaching about the Maurya, Maratha, Rajput, Ahom, Chola, Vijayanagara and Gupta empires in the name of slander.

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BJP’s Delhi State Spokesperson Ajay Sehrawat shared a screenshot of a page from the class 12th history book. It states that liberal Hindus were attracted by Islam’s principles of ‘equality, brotherhood and one God’. Ajay said that this is the reason why today’s young generation criticizes Hindu culture.

Anish Gokhale also shared this page of the book.

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Vishnukant Singh wrote that children are being brainwashed long ago. For this, he shared a screenshot of two pages of the book, in which an attempt has been made to show Muslims as good and Hindus as bad.

Responding to Vikram Sampath’s tweet, Sunanda Vashisht said that we all grew up reading NCERT books. We all know that in this we did not teach much about Vijayanagara that it is located somewhere in the south. One might even get to read a line about the Chola dynasty, but not even that about the Rashtrakutas.

Manas Robin wrote, “The mighty Ahoms ruled for 600 glorious years. The greatest warrior of Assam, Lachit Barphukan, defeated the Mughals in the famous battle of Saraighat. But in a shameful manner, NCERT summed up 600 years of long history in a short paragraph. Left historians fooled us all for decades.”

One user wrote, NCERT books mention Christian era but do not tell children about classical Indian era like Vikram, Shaka or Kollam era.

Similarly, a user shared a screenshot of a page of the book and told how negativity is spread about the Hindu festival of Diwali, while this is not the case for Eid or Bakrid.

It is worth mentioning that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday (October 13, 2021) at the launch of Uday Mahurkar’s book ‘Savarkar: The Man Who Could Have Prevented Partition’ said that Vinayak spread lies about Damodar Savarkar filing a ‘mercy petition’. Yes, it was presented in a wrong way.

He claimed that Savarkar, while serving his sentence in jail, had filed a mercy petition before the British at the behest of Mahatma Gandhi. Rajnath Singh had said, “Mahatma Gandhi on his part made an appeal that Savarkar ji should be released. Just like we are running a movement to get freedom, Savarkar will also run the movement. But to defame him, he is told that he had apologised, talked about his release which is absolutely baseless.

On the other hand, Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat described Savarkar as a true patriot and a multi-faceted personality and said that after independence, there is a rapid campaign to defame Veer Savarkar.

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