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Manikganj: BSF arrested four Bangladeshi nationals for illegally crossing the international border into India. Two of them are young women and the other two are minors. Three more Indian nationals have been arrested for harboring them. After the incident of this day, nine Bangladeshis were arrested in the net of BSF in the last one week.

According to BSF sources, the arrested Bangladeshi girls are Iti Akhtar (22), Samira Gazi (24), Afsana Akhtar Tuli (16) and Maria Arfin Mim (17). Iti Akter’s house is in Khulna, Samira lives in Jessore. The remaining two are residents of Narayanganj district. All enter India stealthily through open borders in the dead of night. Some Bangladeshi money and six mobile phones were recovered from them.

Meanwhile, three Indians named Aarti Roy (42) from Khararpar area, Bipin Kishore Kaua (20) and Rathindra Roy (22) from Charkadanga area have been arrested for the crime of harboring and helping them. All of them have houses in South Berubari village panchayat area. These two young women and two teenagers will be handed over to the police to find out why they came to India.

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