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Srinagar: Turkish fireplace ‘Inglenook’ poses a serious challenge to the traditional bukhari in Kashmir.

The valley is currently witnessing increased demand for Turkish buharis and sellers claim that their stores have run out of stock ahead of the harsh winter season.

This increased demand for Turkish fireplaces has reduced sales in Kashmir of traditional fireplaces, a common winter appliance in the valley, a few years ago.

“The tendency to use traditional Bukharis during winter months is gradually decreasing. The introduction of electrically powered heating devices had an impact on our market years ago. Now Turkish Bukharis pose a serious challenge to traditional Bukharis,” said Nazir Ahmad Ahanger, a Bukhari vendor from Baramulla.

Tin Bukhari near Akhada Building Auqaf Building
Traditional Bukhari/Maisuma

As against 500-700 Bukhari in the winter season, Mir said he could sell only 50-100 Bukhari in winter.

“Although we have made many innovations in traditional Bukaris, there is still no good demand in the market,” he said.

On the other hand, Turkish Bukharis are selling like hotcakes in the valley right now.

Turkish bukhari importer Ahsan-Ul-Haq said the demand for the product has increased not only in Kashmir but also in Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh.

With the increasing popularity of buharis in Kashmir, Ahsan expects a surge in sales this year after selling over 400 buharis in the previous season.

“We have been selling these Bukharis in Kashmir for the last four years and their demand is increasing every year. We receive many requests and questions about Turkish Bukharis. We import these Bukharis along with other accessories from Turkey and our professionals install them in the valley,” said Ahsan-Ul-Haq.

Abdul Majeed Khan, another traditional bukhari maker, said the revival of Hammams in Kashmir has made Bukharis an equally obsolete product.

“A bath is built in every new house. The use of Buharis is now limited to government offices. We rarely get customers anymore,” said Khan.

However, he said that the demand for electronic devices is higher during winter months compared to Buhari.

“Nowadays, people mostly use electric heaters or LPG steamers. A lot. Bukhari manufacturers have shifted to other businesses due to low demand,” Khan said.

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