For domestic use, we have to go for cylinder gas, says Secretary Petroleum


For domestic use, we have to go for cylinder gas, says Secretary Petroleum

72% of Pakistan’s population uses alternative sources, including gas, says Secretary Petroleum

Islam Abad: The Secretary Petroleum says that for domestic use, one has to go for cylinder gas.

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum was held under the chairmanship of Senator Abdul Qadir. Pipeline gas is also being discouraged in India.

The Secretary Petroleum further said that we have to go for cylinder gas for domestic use. In Pakistan, 28% of the population gets piped gas while 72% of the population uses alternative sources including cylinders.

According to the Secretary Petroleum, this time we have been asked to buy open furnace oil. Imported furnace oil has been handed over to IPPs for power generation. Furnace oil is now cheaper than spot cargo of LNG. So much furnace oil has arrived that now the storage capacity has also run out.

Members of the Standing Committee on Petroleum IGed frustration over the absence of Energy Minister Hamad Azhar.

Senator Sadia Abbasi said that the Minister of Energy has not come to the meeting of the committee till date. There is an important ministry but Hamad Azhar never comes to the meeting.

The Center said that the performance of Hamad Azhar in every ministry has been poor.

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