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The Lahore High Court on Monday ordered all educational institutions in Punjab to remain closed on Saturdays until the end of January to reduce smog in the province.

Punjab government announces new steps to tackle dirty air problem

Justice Shahid Kareem ordered the deputy commissioner to issue a notice for closure. This comes after the November 13 decision ordering all schools and colleges in Punjab to remain closed on November 18.

Justice Kareem also said that the government will announce two days a week of ‘work from home’ for the private sector in the state.

The Punjab government on Sunday made it mandatory for citizens in 10 smog-affected districts to wear face masks when they leave home.

According to Punjab Chief Minister Muhsin Naqvi, this decision was taken due to the deterioration of air quality in the state.

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“Improved air quality due to smoke poses a serious and imminent threat to public health across all age groups. “Therefore, it is imperative to take all possible safety measures for the prevention and control of airborne diseases in the state of Punjab.”

East Punjab has been grappling with smog crisis lately; Lahore’s Air Quality Index (AQI) stands at 172 and falls under the ‘unhealthy’ category. The main pollutant was PM2.5, a fine particulate matter that can enter the lungs and bloodstream and cause serious health problems.

AQI measures how clean or polluted the air is and the associated health effects can be concerning to people.

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