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One thing that the recent and very prolonged restrictions on imports and rising prices on foreign shipments have failed to do is defeat Pakistan’s love of food.

While many local entrepreneurial food and condiment brands already exist, recent years have seen homegrown jams, chutneys, peanut butters and more conveniently packaged and packaged for your home for gifting or just entertaining.

The advantage of more bespoke brands is that they can meet specific dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, sugar-free and keto-friendly. These brands also tend to lean towards the healthier side, as they contain no preservatives and use organic sweeteners.

Here’s a selection of some on our radar.

Farm Jars Inc.

Photo: Instagram @farmjarsco

This female-led brand started as an idea that turned into a business. What started with achaars has evolved into offering a diverse range of chutneys, hummus in a variety of flavours, chili oils, labneh and jams, as well as a decadent Lindt dark chocolate peanut butter spread.

The brand also offers Keto peanut butter and baked goods like croissants and breadsticks, as well as the option to add gift baskets for holidays, special occasions and more.

The price varies between 200-2.100 TL.

Test Kitchen from Okra

Photo: Instagram @testkitchenbyokra

This patisserie-style offshoot of crowd favorite Okra has quickly become a go-to for baked goods, gourmet sandwiches, and homemade spreads.

Not yet available online, this area is popular for its fruit preserves, compote, and chili oil. Call ahead for availability.

Prices vary between 1,000-3,000 TL.

Soul Food Company

Photo: Instagram @soulfoodpk

This popular online store offers plant-based and organic foods and beauty products, including almond butter, honey, cold-pressed oils, peanut butter, jams, and much more.

They also stock a variety of teas as well as lacto-fermented products.

Prices vary between 400-3000 TL.


Photo: Instagram @necosnaturals

This Karachi-based store and cafe was Pakistan’s first organic restaurant. Since 2010, the store offers everything from natural oatmeal to quinoa to cinnamon and more.

Check out the website for different types of jams, honey, essential oils and much more.

Prices vary between 400-3000 rupees.


Photo: Instagram @lalschoculates

Since its founding in 2006, this chocolatier has branched out into food, pastries, and much more.

Head here for preservative-free strawberry jam and chocolate marzipan, which pair perfectly with the scones and cookies on offer.

Prices range between 1,000-4,000 rupees.

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