Financial fraud of patients by making fake documents, the complainant is the accused, a case has been filed against the lab technician. Financial fraud of patients by preparing fake documents, Complainant charged Osmanabad Maharashtra

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Dr. R. D. Shendge

Osmanabad A case has been registered against Dr RD Shendge of Shendge Hospital in Umarga and then lab technician Tanaji Bansode at Umarga police station for cheating patients by producing fake documents. What is special is that in this case, Dr. Bansode. Shendge had lodged a written complaint with evidence exposing his actions.

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A case has been registered against the two as the facts were found in the inquiry committee. An offense under Section 420,465,468,471,34 has been registered against Dr. Ashok Bade. Dr. Shendge snatched a bill of lakhs of rupees from the insurance company from 2015 to September 6, 2019 by submitting fake patient documents.

The type revealed after the confession of lab technician Bansode

A three-member inquiry committee has convicted Dr RD Shendge and then lab technician Tanaji Bansode of Dr Shendge Hospital in Umarga for taking fake medical bills from insurance companies on the basis of forged documents even though the patient’s lab blood report was less than required. Is. No action was taken in the case as the police department did not lodge a complaint even after giving written understanding four times for the inquiry committee to lodge a complaint with the police as per the investigation report.

Codeword- was looting with such a mess

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Dr. Shendge used to put the patient’s name and codeword marks on the letter. If one arrow, two arrows, three arrows are at the top, the patient’s blood report should be increased and if the arrow is at the bottom, the examination results should be reduced. They would force me to report it as positive if I wrote plus sign and negative if I wrote minus sign. Bansode had confessed in the complaint and before the inquiry committee that he had given a false report to the patient as it was his livelihood at the hospital. The inquiry report was submitted by a three-member committee comprising Dr RU Suryavanshi, Dr Seema Bale and Dr Rochkari.

Bansode was robbed, so the next scandal broke out

He complained when Bansode was hit by the act of Dr. Shendge doing this. Dr. Shendge picked up a medical bill from the insurance company in his name by showing documents that Bansode was ill when he was not ill.

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