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ISLAMABAD (Online): Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Anti-Human Trafficking Circle Islamabad has arrested two main human traffickers of the international prank Asif Mahmood and Bilal Hassan are among the arrested accused.

Following the instructions of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) regarding smuggling from China to Hong Kong, an investigation was launched against 35 Pakistani citizens. It was stated that the Pakistanis were detained by various Chinese law enforcement agencies.

According to FIA, an investigation team has been constituted under the chairmanship of FIA Islamabad Regional Director. The team under the supervision of Saeem Sultan, Deputy Director of the Islamabad Anti-Human Trafficking Department, detained 5 passengers returning to Pakistan and launched an investigation.

According to the FIA, preliminary information about smugglers was obtained from passengers who crossed the border illegally. According to the preliminary investigation, it was determined that the main trafficker of the gang was Asif Mehmood. Due to human trafficker Asif Mehmood’s presence in China, his name was immediately added to the stopped list.
The accused, Asif Mehmood, was arrested while returning to Pakistan from China.

Once the accused Asif Mehmood was identified, the suspect’s chief facilitator Bilal Hassan was also arrested. The accused was arrested in Islamabad
According to the preliminary investigation, it was determined that the smugglers prepared false documents, the defendants posed as illegal immigrants as businessmen, and the defendant provided formal training to immigrants on immigration permits.

The suspects had an organized human trafficking network on both sides of the border. After the suspects were identified, many places were raided. A large number of passports, laptops and other incriminating documents were seized during the raids.

According to the FIA, the bank accounts used by human traffickers were frozen, transactions worth billions of lira were made in the bank accounts used by the defendants, and letters were sent to the relevant institutions regarding the fake companies in which the defendants were registered. It was stated that other suspects of the network in question were also captured and all resources were used to capture them.

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