Father-in-law’s attack on son-in-law, suicide by setting the house on fire, shocking type in Badlapur | Man beat daughter in law and commits suicide in Badlapur

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Badlapur (Thane): A shocking incident has taken place in Badlapur. The father-in-law first stabbed Sune in the head, then set himself on fire and strangled himself. This incident has caused a great stir in Badlapur city. Why did the father-in-law attack the gold first? What exactly was the reason behind this incident, what was the issue between them? This is the question facing the locals.

What exactly happened?

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Kisan Jadhav lives with his son, daughter-in-law, grandson and granddaughter in the Heramba Shrishti apartment in Shaninagar area west of Badlapur. Jadhav’s son had gone to work around noon on Wednesday (October 13), while both his sons had gone out. While Kisan Jadhav and his daughter-in-law were at home at this time, they had an argument for an unknown reason. In the argument, Jadhav stabbed Sune in the head with a sharp weapon. After this, Sune shouted and the neighbors rushed to the spot and took Sune to the hospital.

Sasyachi suicide

After this incident, Kisan Jadhav locked the main entrance of the house and set the whole house on fire. He then tried to commit suicide by hanging himself with a nylon rope. Neighbors called the fire brigade after smoke started billowing from Jadhav’s house. When the fire brigade broke down the door of Jadhav’s house and entered, the entire house was burnt to ashes, while Jadhav was found half-dead. Jadhav was rushed to the building by firefighters and died at the door.

Sune started treatment at the hospital

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Meanwhile, Jadhav’s injured daughter-in-law is undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Badlapur. His health is out of danger. But what exactly caused such a controversy? This is still not clear. This incident, however, has caused a great stir in Badlapur city.

Vahini beaten by Dira in Ulhasnagar

On the other hand, a shocking incident has taken place in Ulhasnagar. The incident took place in Ulhasnagar when Dira beat up his daughter-in-law on suspicion of handing over a handcart to the municipality. The video of the beating went viral on social media. Chandumal Raheja’s handcart is within the limits of Ulhasnagar police station. While Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation was taking action against unauthorized handcarts on Wednesday, action was also taken against Chandumal’s handcart. Chandumal’s daughter-in-law Anjali Raheja’s shop is near this handcart. Therefore, Chandumal suspected that Anjali had lodged a complaint against her handcart with the municipality.

This suspicion led to an argument between Chandummal and Anjali. Chandumala and her son Dinesh beat up Anjali Raheja. The video of the beating went viral on social media. After the incident, Anjali was admitted to the Government Central Hospital in Ulhasnagar for treatment. Ulhasnagar police arrested Chandumal Raheja and Dinesh Raheja on a complaint lodged by Anjali.


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