Fadnavis said Pawar was never the chief minister for five years; Read, how was Sharad Pawar’s tenure as Chief Minister? | Know sharad pawar political career as a chief minister of maharashtra

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Mumbai: NCP President Sharad Pawar and Leader of the Opposition Devendra Fadnavis have a good rapport with the Chief Minister. It is a good thing to remember the post of Chief Minister, said Devendra Fadnavis while making a mischievous remark that Pawar was never the Chief Minister for five years. Therefore, a discussion has started on exactly how many years Pawar was the Chief Minister and in which year. This is the light shed on Pawar’s tenure as Chief Minister.

What exactly did Pawar say?

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Sharad Pawar had held a press conference yesterday. This time he had made a statement about Fadnavis. It is good to remember that we are in power after five years in power. I was the Chief Minister for four years but I never remembered. While I admit that this is our shortcoming, it shows how deep the pain of losing power is. Pawar also advised that there is no need to think much about power coming and going.

What is the retaliation of Fadnavis?

Pawar had ridiculed Fadnavis’ statement as Chief Minister. Fadnavis also replied to that. Pawar is a great leader. He has been the Chief Minister four times. But he never remained the Chief Minister for five years. If they had stayed, they would have done a good job. Sometimes he worked for two years, sometimes for three years. They could not stay because of the situation at that time. But I am satisfied as the Leader of the Opposition. That is why the ruling party is uneasy, said Devendra Fadnavis.

The youngest CM

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Pawar was first sworn in as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra on July 18, 1978. He was the youngest Chief Minister of the state. He had become the Chief Minister due to Pulod’s experiment. However, in 1980, Indira Gandhi returned to power at the Center. He then dismissed the opposition state governments. Pawar’s government was also dismissed. Therefore, he got only two years as the Chief Minister.

A second chance

In the mean time, Pawar had experimented with Pulod. However, as soon as Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister, Pawar joined the Congress in 1987. After that, Rajiv Gandhi called Chief Minister Shankarrao Chavan to the Center and gave him the responsibility of Union Finance Minister. This is the story of 1988. After that, on June 25, 1988, Pawar became the Chief Minister of the state for the second time.

Chief Minister on the strength of independents

In 1990, Shiv Sena and BJP had formed an alliance in the Assembly. Therefore, the Congress could not get an absolute majority. Out of 288, Congress got 141 seats. However, with the support of 12 independents, Pawar became the Chief Minister on March 4, 1990.

Mumbai riots and CM post

The Babri Masjid collapsed on December 6, 1992. So riots broke out in the country. Massive arson had started in Mumbai. Therefore, in March 1993, Sharad Pawar took over as the Chief Minister and brought Mumbai on track. From 1993 to 1995, Pawar was the Chief Minister for only two years. After that Pawar went into Delhi politics.

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(know sharad pawar political career as a chief minister of maharashtra)

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