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Macron toughens the tone

Hugh Lovatt of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) said the EU’s official position has not changed much in recent weeks D.W. On Monday. However, he argued that Macron’s change of tone might be important.

“I suspect that the French positioning will probably cause some other member states to move towards a ceasefire. But it will never convince the Germans. It will not convince the Hungarians or the Austrians,” he said, referring to some of Israel’s closest EU countries. Supporters of the current conflict.

While this is unlikely to change the EU’s official position, signals from Europe are nevertheless being heard in Israel and its main ally, the United States, he said. “Israel is very aware that it probably has a clock for its operations,” Lovatt said.

According to Lovatt, at some point discussions will have to shift to a ceasefire. He said that Israel has the right to defend itself and respond to Hamas’ attacks, but ultimately “there is no military solution in Gaza.”

“Israel can achieve some tactical gains by killing Hamas and destroying the tunnels, but it cannot eliminate the Hamas threat militarily,” the ECFR analyst said.

“The question is how many thousands of Palestinian civilians must die before Western governments make this call,” Lovatt said.

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