Environment Department work exposed, NGT get 23 lakh fly ash | Dhritarashtra remains Environment Department, NGT gets 23 lakh metric tonnes of fly ash from 28 industries RS News

These plastics have been dumped in the open, which is proving to be poison for the people by flying in the air. Every year more than 1.25 crore MT flyash is being produced in 28 plants of the district, out of which the industry management is able to execute 76 percent flyash. Every year 30 lakh 35 thousand MT flyash is not being executed. After the influx of industries, flyash has become a trap for the people.

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NGT had jointly investigated the industries of the district some time back in view of the complaints being received regarding flyash. The reports that came out in the investigation are quite frightening. In the report given by 28 industries of the district to the joint team from April 2021 to March 2022, it has been told that 1 crore 29 lakh 13 thousand 34 MT flyash is being emitted. Out of which 23.47 percent i.e. 30 lakh 35 thousand 609 MT flyash is not being utilized after execution of flyash in mine, road and bricks plant. This fly ash is dissolving in the air as a poison.

Many Bix plants are closed
In the district, the District Industries Department has shown 67 BRICS plants, while another department has shown 22 BRICS plants. Apart from this, many BRICS plants in the district are lying in closed condition, while the utilization of 8 lakh 3 thousand 206 MT has been shown.

NGT not satisfied with the report of most
NGT was satisfied with the report of JSPL, JPL and BS Sponge Iron in the information given by the industries on plywood performance. On the other hand, NGT was not satisfied with the reports of Roopmanadham, Anjani, Navdurga, NTPC, Ind Synergy, Raigad Energy, RR Energy and others.

In brick: 8,03,206
Ash Dyke: 9,68,943
Road Construction: 10,69,821

Flyash is illegally dumped in these areas
Illegal fly ash has been dumped in the entire forest along the road in Gerwani, located some distance from the district headquarters. Illegal fly ash dumped at various places on Shivpuri road. There are fly ash dumps at many places along the NH in Kharsia Road, but all this did not come to the notice of the Environment Department.

Yes, the investigation was jointly conducted by the NGT. After investigation, some fines have been taken. Efforts are also on to execute the remaining flyash. From time to time, action is taken against those who dump in the open after checking.
– SK Verma, District Environment Officer



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