Mann Udu Udu Zaal | Like Sattu, I like to laugh and live a very happy life Zee Marathi Mann Udu Udu Zaal Sattu Fame Actor Vinamra Bhabal talks about his character

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Vinamra Bhabal

Mumbai : Zee Marathi has a special love for the character ‘Sattu’ in the series ‘Mann Udu Udu Zaal’ (Mann Udu Udu Zaal) because this character makes them laugh. Actor Vinamra Bhabal, who plays the role of Sattu, also likes to laugh and live happily like Sattu, he himself is in love with the role. This special dialogue with polite about this role

  1. Briefly describe the character

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– Sattu is very innocent. Is a very real man. Then he will be as a friend or he will be in love with the same Dipu. Indra is everything to him. If you look at his life like that, there is nothing but Indra. So his world revolves around Indra.

  1. Sattu’s role is very loud, what is the response from the audience?

– Getting maximum response. I mean, when I was on the street, I took off my mask and people recognized me! Moreover, even in masks, they recognize. After a long time, people are experiencing this kind of love.

  1. What are the similarities or differences between Sattu and you?

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– I don’t think it’s very similar. I am definitely not as innocent as Sattu. For Sattu, friendship is more important than life. Not so for me. I am a man living for myself. There is a slight resemblance when it comes to eating. Because I’m very fussy in real life too. I want to try very different foods. Like Sattu, I like to laugh and live a very happy life.

  1. Tell us about your reading group

– I run a group on Facebook called “Vachanveda (everyone who reads books).” It has over 3 lakh people and currently employs 2.5 lakh people every day. On Vachanveda, people tell each other about their book reading, book collection, Vachanveda. So new people like me get acquainted with the whole literary world of new books, magazines, issues and also help to enrich reading.

  1. How does acting read manage both?

– I haven’t worked much and I’m not very busy. This gives a lot of time for reading. Now that the series has started, I can give a little less time, but on a day when I don’t have much stress, I continue my reading in two shots. I keep one or two books with me on the set as well as throughout my life. So when he gets some time, he starts reading immediately. This does not allow me to spend time on social media. Stays at work because time is needed.

  1. How much and how was reading used in acting?

– Reading benefits everyone. Reading basically taught me to listen. When I’m at home, I read aloud for at least 15 minutes every day. I listen to what I read. So it doesn’t have to be someone in front. Like a story or a few lines, reading to my mother means that I can see from her gestures how much my reading is reaching the front. Reading makes you aware of the tone for acting. It purifies the voice and also increases your vocabulary. Reading has given me another valuable benefit in acting. I found a way to get here from reading. She learned about theater and her contribution to the artist’s life through the autobiographies of other artists. So I started by keeping an eye on the right people already.


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