Dynasty trying to tell the beauty of the joint family – Movie Review!


Dynasty trying to tell the beauty of the joint family – Movie Review!

Directed by KV Kathirvelu, Sasikumar, Nikki Kalrani, Singam Puli, Manopala, Satish, Thambi Ramaiah, Vijaya Kumar, Radharavi, Yogi Babu and Rekha are the biggest actors in the film. The film has hit the screens today.

Sasikumar, who works as a programmer in the IT field, is being offered a huge project. He has to handle the project very carefully as it is related to the value of the company he works for. Sasikumar’s family, on the other hand, who has a very large family background, makes wedding arrangements for him. The dynasty is a collection of scenes that take place between the two.


Moving the story about telling the benefits of a joint family …? Taking this as a comedy movie …? The director has made a mix of thinking from as many angles as possible. If something had been stressed it would have stood even deeper in the mind. However, fans who visit as a family are more likely to catch this film.

Sasikumar has excelled in fight scenes. He has done his part well as an actor in all these three points like family, love, friendship. Yogi Babu, as usual, has rolled something like Appala Munchu, Sani Thalaya, Panangilangu Mandaya as a joke. The lion makes the tiger laugh with his humor in some scenes. There are no compelling scenes to tell Nikki Caulfield. But Nicki Minaj has done a better job of getting emotional in the cow calf scene. Sam’s music is a little comforting.


I don’t understand why family members line up in all the scenes and record as awesome close-up shots per person in serial style. It gives the impression of watching a TV serial. Radharavi stands on one leg as if he will marry my two daughters to Sasikumar family. The whole visual structure of the film, the depth of the story, the verse could have added a little more soul to everything.

When the trailer was released, ‘Let’s say the last 15 years have been marred by our Nature Global worms. Why can’t we protect this nature with the same technology that nature is affected by? ‘ As featured in the verses. No matter how many people come to a party, our eyes are looking for our blood relations. There will be verses that tell of family relationships as if the mind is remorseful even though no one has a blood relationship. So there were some expectations on the film. If the director had been a little more meticulous the film might have been set up to complete it all.


Sasikumar, who directed the wonderful film Subramaniapuram, does not understand why he is unable to choose the stories of the films he is acting in properly. Sasikumar has been doing this not once but twice. The dynasty that should have been a good comedy commercial family cinema if it had been a little more subtle has slipped through the cracks.

Rajavamsam..Entertainment cinema !.


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