Dr. SP Claim by Singh Oberoi; More than 400 Indian women in UAE Stuck in RS News

RS news,

Dr. SP Singh Oberoi
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-70 women from Punjab

Unscrupulous travel agents left abroad

Dubai, September 24 (Punjab Mail) – Dr. SP Singh Oberoi claimed that more than 400 Indian women, including 70 from Punjab, are in the UAE. And are stuck in Oman because unscrupulous travel agents have left them to fend for themselves abroad.

He further said that a week ago he had met the Ambassador of India in Muscat, Amit Narang, to discuss the modalities to be followed for repatriation. He said that earlier he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in August and apprised him about the condition of these women. He said that he has also met Union Minister Hardeep Puri. “An ex-IFS. As an officer, Puri fully understands the trials and tribulations faced by girls. He has assured me that he will take this matter up with Oman and UAE. will raise it with the authorities.

He said that Ambassador Narang has assured me of his full support. He told me that by the time his officials document 25 of them, another 50, physically abused and emotionally drained girls, will arrive at the embassy seeking safe haven.”

Dr. Oberoi claimed that groups of men, disguised as travel agents, were trying to identify unsuspecting women in villages in Punjab and Haryana. ”They sell dreams to women. Girls can enter the UAE on a 14-day visitor visa. Passports have been forcibly taken away. Once the 14-day period is up, their stay becomes illegal and they are subsequently either sold to the rich or forced to do menial work. They are made to work 18 hours a day for very little pay.


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