Dr. Ambedkar, Premchand, AK Iyer strongly advocated in the Constituent Assembly


Dr. Ambedkar, Premchand, AK Iyer strongly advocated in the Constituent Assembly

Member of Constituent Assembly of India | wikimedia commons

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New Delhi: Every year 26 November is celebrated as Constitution Day in our country. On 26 November 1949, our Constituent Assembly adopted the constitution which came into force on 26 January 1950. The debate on the issue of Uniform Civil Code in the Constituent Assembly is one of the most interesting debates.

The Allahabad High Court also recently made a comment supporting the Uniform Civil Code and also asked the Center to work towards its implementation.

the court saidIt is the responsibility of the State to enforce a Uniform Civil Code for the citizens of the country and of course, it has the legislative capacity to do so.

in the Constituent Assembly

November 23, 1948 This issue was discussed in detail in the Constituent Assembly. First the Muslim members spoke and many people talked about Article 35 which included provisions related to having a uniform civil code in the country. proposed amendments, Mohd Ismail, Naziruddin Ahmed, Mehboob Ali Baig Sahib Bahadur, Hussain Imam were some of the members who introduced these amendments.

Naziruddin Ahmed moved an amendment saying that the following provision should be added to Article 35
‘Provided that any community has a personal law, which is guaranteed by law, it shall not be changed without the prior approval of that community. Legal provisions will be taken to get this approval.

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