Donald Trump signals Biden will end Asian trade deal after election ReadingS


Former US President Donald Trump, who is competing for the Republican presidential nomination in next year’s US presidential elections, hinted that Joe Biden would end the Asia-Pacific trade agreement as soon as he came to power after winning the election.

Speaking to his supporters in Iowa, Donald Trump said he opposes a trade deal with 13 other countries because it is likely to hurt the US manufacturing sector and increase unemployment.

In recent days, while the Biden administration has made progress in the ‘Indo-Pacific Economic Framework’ (IPEF) agreement with 13 countries, including Vietnam and Indonesia, to get rid of China’s increasing commercial influence in the region, Donald Trump has also made progress. during his term of office. A similar ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ (TPP) project was rejected in power.

Donald Trump called IPEF TTP-2 and said that we will terminate Biden’s agreement in one day in the next government, and that this agreement is worse than the previous agreement.

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