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First of all, if the children want to get married, is there a groom in the identification? They were asking if there was a bride. Later, marriages were done in long distance relationships. Then the stage of matrimony started. There are many social media pages like bride and groom forum. However, people still advertise in newspapers today. In this way, an ad posted by a person asking for a groom for his daughter’s wedding has now gone viral on social media.

Just 10-15 years ago, most of the girls who reached marriageable age had the same demand. She said she wants a software engineer boy. There was a time when a software engineer would have everything like a huge salary, foreign travel, car, house etc. But now times have changed. To what extent it is known from this advertisement. After all, are you curious about what’s in that ad?

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What’s in the ad?

According to that advertisement, the groom should be IAS/IPS, working doctor. Or should be an industrialist/entrepreneur. But the interesting thing is below the ad. There was a special notice posted that read “Software Engineers Please Do Not Call”.

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Sameer Arora shared this advertisement in the newspaper on Twitter. He also joked that “the future of IT is not so good”. This picture has spread like wildfire on social media.

What netizens said after seeing the viral photo

A lot of people have commented on this as a valid answer. “Don’t worry. Engineers don’t depend on some newspaper advertisement. They find everything their own way,” said one. Another said, “Software engineers these days look for everything online (including brides). So this ad poster need not worry about them. They don’t see newspaper advertisements anyway.”

Amidst this “Kya mechanical wale kal kar sakte hai? He asked me. Can mechanical engineers call? He made a joke. “Judging by the ad, the outlook for the whole country is not looking good,” commented another.

Moods change according to the trend
It is true that the demand for software engineers has decreased to some extent as compared to earlier. Even though there are opportunities for those who have got a good college and good marks, we see many freshers struggling to find a job.

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Once upon a time many people chose software engineering as it was in high demand. A row of engineers got ready. As a result, the demand decreased slightly. The girls were saying that we need a software boy in no time. But today the trend has changed. The time has come when there is no software boy.

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