Dhoni in FIFA WC: Dhoni’s name chanted during the Brazil match! RS News

Leading Online Desk : Dhoni in FIFA WC : FIFA World Cup fever is on the whole world. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, Harry Kane have caught the attention of the world. As soon as these players step into the stadium, their names are chanted. However, the Brazil vs Serbia match late on Thursday night was a different scene at the stadium in Qatar. An Indian cricket fan spotted the number 7 jersey of MS Dhoni, the former Team India and IPL Chennai Super Kings captain, and chanted his name during the Brazil match. CSK retweeted photos of the fan in the stadium. Many people from India have gone to Qatar to watch the Football World Cup.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a distinct fan following. It doesn’t matter to the fans whether he plays on the field or not. Fans are always seen supporting Dhoni in a different way. A similar scene was seen in a match of the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar. A fan wearing a Chennai Super Kings jersey during the match between Brazil and Serbia. Importantly, this fan was wearing Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s number 7 jersey. (Dhoni in FIFA WC)

Chennai Super Kings posted a photo of a fan with Dhoni’s jersey on Twitter. Quoting Whistlepodu’s tweet, Chennai Super Kings said, “Everywhere we go, everything is yellow. A Chennai Super Kings fan wears a Chennai jersey to support Brazil. From this CSK supporters can be found anywhere. These fans leave no chance to support Dhoni. (Dhoni in FIFA WC)

It is believed that next year’s IPL tournament will be Dhoni’s last tournament. Many have predicted that Mahi will play the last IPL match of his IPL career at the M Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. (Dhoni in FIFA WC)

Great win for Brazil

Brazil is one of the stronger teams in Group G. They started their World Cup campaign with a win. Everyone expected a similar performance from Brazil and they easily beat Serbia by 2-0. Brazil team will now play against Switzerland in their next match. The Swiss team has also won one match. Switzerland beat Cameroon 1-0.

Neymar injured

Brazil’s captain Neymar was injured during this match. He was sidelined with an ankle injury. Although his injury is not considered serious, fans are left wondering if he will be seen playing in the upcoming matches of the tournament.


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