Dhananjay Munde believes that Parli market committee will be famous all over the state Dhananjay Munde believes that the Parli market committee will be famous all over the state

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Dhananjay Munde, Minister for Social Justice

Parli: When he was the chairman of Parli Agricultural Produce Market Committee, late. Pandit Anna Munde took hundreds of acres of land, so today the market committee is rich and prosperous. Like the Navi Mumbai Market Committee, this Market Committee will also be famous all over the state, said Social Justice Minister Dhananjay Munde.

For many years, this organization was run by late. Run by Pandit Anna Munde

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Dhananjay Munde was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the 93-storey commercial complex being set up under the Parli Agricultural Produce Market Committee’s sub-market at Sirsala. For many years, this organization was run by late. Run by Pandit Anna Munde. From that time on, he enriched the organization with foresight. The interests of permanent farmers and account holders were safeguarded. The ideal code of conduct on how to run an organization under your control is self-explanatory. Dhananjay Munde also said that Anna taught. Dhananjay Munde said that he was happy and satisfied that this second word given in the election after MIDC was working.

News taken by the opposition

We used to wipe away the tears of the farmers who were affected by the heavy rains, but the protesters, who come every year on Diwali-Dussehra, criticized it. BJP agitated for justice for farmers in the district. The BJP was expected to agitate for the Lakhimpur Khiri incident, but why is the BJP in a different position regarding the farmers here and there, Munde said.

I’m going to talk more, Munde’s hint

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Since the lockdown began in March last year, the protesters, who have been missing from the masses ever since, come to see Dussehra-Diwali, go among the people one day, cough up a cold the next day and go back. But we have been in the role of helping from day one. Helped hundreds of patients during the Kovid period, provided food grains to thousands of families, provided free remedies to thousands, including some BJP workers. But it is our nature that the help we have given does not let that hand know, said Dhananjay Munde without mentioning the name of the opposition. Dhananjay Munde also gave a hint to the opposition that I am going to speak on this and some other issues, not everything ends today.

Tell the farmers why Vaidyanath will start?

Meanwhile, on the one hand, the institutions in the constituency are prospering and on the other hand, the Vaidyanath sugar factory, which is the hope of thousands of farmers, is in a bad condition. Dhananjay Munde said, “We will take full responsibility to ensure that there is no cane left in the area.”

Many dignitaries attended the event

Come to this event. Sanjay Bhau Daund, Shivaji Sirsat, Dist. W. Group leader Ajay Munde, R.C. Taluka President Laxman Tatya Paul, Dist. W. Member Pvt. Madhukar Aghav, Bajirao Bhaiya Dharmadhikari, Ambajogai Market Committee Chairman Govindrao Deshmukh, Panchayat Committee Chairman Balaji (Pintu) Munde, Ra.Co. Women’s Front District President Mrs. Sangeetatai Tupsagar, Chairman of Parli Market Committee Adv. Govindrao Phad, Suryabhan Nana Munde, Bhausaheb Naibal, Mauli Tatya Gadde, Manikbhau Phad, Janimia Qureshi, Balu Kirwale, Sirsala Sarpanch Ram Kirwale, Imran Khan, Raja Khan, Rajabhau Paul, Suryakant Munde, Sanjay Jadhav, Shivaji Shinde, Ramkisan Ghadge, Shri. Ramdasi, Vishnupant Deshmukh, Prabhakar Paul, Mauli Munde, Vilas Bapu More, Vishwabhar Phad, Madhav Munde, Ramdada Kande, Govindrao Munde, Rajendra Soni, Chandrakant Karad, Mrs. Kalpanatai Aghav, Ashruba Kale, Subhash Natkar, Govind Karad, Lekhan Gaikwad, Sachin Holambe and other officials and office bearers were present.

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