Development of the country is not important for BJP – it is important to finish other party: Mallikarjuna Kharge RS News

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Kalaburagi: September 23: For BJP, the development of the country is not important, it is important to weaken other parties. Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjuna Kharge has attacked Goa by taking 8 people who want to finish the Congress.
Speaking in the city, Kharge said that people are tired of the Centre’s actions. Rupee is depreciating day by day against dollar. Economists have warned that the GDP will also fall.
However, instead of paying attention to the development of the country, the other party is trying to weaken it. I have seen it all in my 51 years of politics. He said that because of Jalassi, something like finishing each other is going on.
Motive of NIA attack not known: We are not told for what purpose NIA attack. Not in the media. The government has the authority to take action against those who work as traitors. But while taking action against any organization, pros and cons should be seen.
There have been some political attacks in recent days. Kharge criticized that there is no proper climate in the country at present.
We are not protectors of traitors. Punish those who have done wrong, but do not trouble anyone unnecessarily. He warned that we have never tolerated and will not tolerate creating unrest in the country.
Profits are high if Rahul Gandhi becomes President: Whoever is aspirant for AICC President post nominates. I am not an aspirant either. But I have to do the party work. I think Rahul Gandhi should become the President. He said that the party will benefit if Rahul Gandhi becomes the president.
Rahul has youth, he can run more and organize the party. They have fighting ability. Youth power is with them. So we will work to convince Rahul Gandhi and let’s see what happens, Kharge said.
Release the money as stated: Talking about CM Bommai’s statement that he will give 5 thousand crores for the development of Kalyan Karnataka, Kharge said that the CM will give 5 thousand crores. We welcome that. He said that the amount of money should be paid instead of giving a statement and releasing less money.
Cheetah needed when people die?: People in the country have been shaken by Covid. So many people are still dying of hunger. Instead of paying attention to this, Cheetah has brought it. Cheetah father is of no use. Kharge criticized Prime Minister Modi’s move saying that even though it was not brought, nothing was lost.


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