Demonstration of government employees demanding restoration of more than 900 employees

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On September 11, the Jammu and Kashmir administration ordered the immediate removal of 918 assistants of supervisors who, despite being deemed unfit for work, are associated with various field functionaries of the Integrated Child Development Scheme of the Social Welfare Department. During the protest, a demand was made from the government to release his pending salary of three months and reinstate him.

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(Photo: Reuters)

Jammu: A group of government employees protested in Jammu on Wednesday over various demands including reinstatement of over 900 employees and regularization of thousands of daily wage earners working in various departments for the past two decades.

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Protesters belonging to the Joint Action Committee of J&K Government Employees gathered outside the Press Club and demanded a review of the government’s decision to issue House Rent Allowance (HRA) to the employees and to identify those employees who are ineffective in work. OR Not fit to work after 22 years of service or 48 years of age.

JKGEJAC President Babu Hussain Malik told reporters, “We have gathered here to draw the attention of the Central and Jammu and Kashmir governments to the long pending demands of the employees and daily wage labourers. We have more than one lakh daily wage laborers, who are serving in different departments for the last three decades, but the government has failed to bring regularization policy for them, due to which they are living a miserable life.

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They said they oppose the dismissal of over 900 assistants of supervisors in the Social Welfare Department’s Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) last month and want the government to reinstate them apart from releasing their three months’ pending salary.

On September 11, the Jammu and Kashmir administration had ordered the immediate removal of 918 assistants to supervisors who, despite being considered unfit for work, are associated with various field functionaries of the ICDS.

According to news agency PTI, while seeking release of HRA in favor of employees, which is in line with the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, he said that the Center has already given the increased HRA to its employees along with the increased dearness allowance from July. has been issued.

Malik, who is leading the protest, said the government’s decision to retire some employees after completing 22 years of service or attaining the age of 48 years needed a review.

He questioned, ‘There is an age limit of 33 years and 55 years of service in other parts of the country. Why different rules for employees in J&K?’

He said that he is not against action against corrupt employees, but there are already government agencies for this.

It is known that on September 30, hundreds of contractual employees of the National Health Mission (NHM) had demonstrated against the government in large numbers over their dismissal. The government has terminated the services of more than 1,500 such employees.

The protesters had alleged that the government was following a ‘use and throw’ policy with the staff of the National Health Mission, who had served as corona warriors at the peak of the coronavirus.

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