‘Daru party’ at Alibag prefecture office


‘Daru party’ at Alibag prefecture office

Alibag: In government offices where important work is being done in the interest of the common man, there are often cases of mismatch of work. But now the government office in Raigad district has become a direct liquor den. A shocking incident has come to light where all the soldiers, clerks and clerks in the office are busy drinking alcohol. It all came to light on Thursday (November 25) evening in the closed room of the provincial office at Alibag in Raigad.

Nilesh Patil, general secretary of Shivrajya Brigade, had gone to the provincial office in Alibag for work on Thursday evening. At this point, a room in the office appeared to be closed. As a result, Nilesh Patil became suspicious and when he looked in the room, he saw clerks, clerks, soldiers and some other persons sitting at the office table drinking alcohol. After which Nilesh Patil filmed the entire incident in his mobile and also lodged a complaint in this regard. Patil has demanded an inquiry into the matter.

While Nilesh Patil was filming the case, some employees even tried to snatch Patil’s mobile phone. This was an attempt to get them out. Now all these cases should be investigated and appropriate action should be taken. This expectation has been IGed by Patil.

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