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India Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Consumer Affairs Department under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Assam Ministry of Food, Non-military Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department has organized a dry cleaning exercise to ensure the safety of consumers in North-Eastern states. Assam Chief Secretary Pawan Kumar Barthakur was present at the opening ceremony of this day workshop held at Nedfi House, Guwahati.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary of Consumer Affairs Department of Bharat Charkar, said that the number of people seeking the services of this department is the highest in the country. It is very important to ensure the safety of customers in all areas of quality, size, price. In this regard, all concerned will have to work hand in hand and the returning customer will have to be made aware of these directions. Also, all the states have requested to set up the price determination system in the district, and all the help in this field has been mentioned. Bulli mentions that the goal of setting up more than 750 centers in the country by March of this year has been reached. Co-operation with Central Departments is encouraged in the field of inter-community lifting to ensure consumer protection. The consumer protection authority also appreciates the North-East as the strongest bully within the country in terms of numbers. North-East states also expressed satisfaction with the adoption of e-filing process. There are currently over 4.5 million consumer protection cases across the country, with the largest number being insurance-related each year. Buli also hopes that today’s workshop will make everyone aware of consumer protection.

Assam Chief Secretary Barthakure gave a speech on the occasion and thanked the Indian government for organizing this workshop in Guwahati. Today’s workshop analysis on all aspects of consumer protection shows hope for progress in all areas of consumer protection, noting that many sectors have taken the name of the Commission in terms of its active role in customer engagement.

Nidhi Khade, Additional Secretary, Consumer Protection Department of Bharat Charkar delivered a speech at the opening ceremony at Shalagar Sarai Agvadha, Jutia Secretary Anupam Mishra.

Additional Chief Secretary Biswanarjan Shyamal, who is in charge of Assam Charkar’s Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department, along with the workshop staff, representatives of the North Eastern States State and District Consumer Protection Commissions are present in the event.

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