Congress on Corruption, Riots Puts Rajasthan on Top: PM Modi ReadingS


Jaipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday slammed the Congress government in Rajasthan, claiming that the party had unleashed anti-social elements with its appeasement policy, making the state top in the number of crimes and riots.

Addressing a rally in Bharatpur, Modi mocked state Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, saying people have decided not to vote for ‘jadugar’ and Congress will disappear from the state after the election. “December 3, Congress ‘chhoo mushroom.’”

The son of a professional magician, Gehlot traveled the country performing magic tricks before entering politics.

Assembly elections will be held in Rajasthan on November 25 and counting of votes will be done on December 3.

“On the one hand, India is becoming a world leader. On the other hand, you all know what happened in the last five years in Rajasthan. Congress declared Rajasthan a leader in corruption, insurgency and crimes. That is why Rajasthan is saying: Wizard ji, you will not get any votes,” Modi said.

He also accused the party of giving free rein to criminal elements through its policy of appeasement.

“Wherever Congress comes, terrorists, criminals and insurgents are released. For Congress, appeasement is everything. “Congress can go to any lengths in appeasement, even if it means endangering your life,” Modi said.

He said that the state under the five-year rule of the Congress has seen maximum number of crimes against women and Dalits.

“Be it Holi, Ram Navami or Hanuman Jayanti, you people cannot celebrate any festival peacefully. “Riots, stone pelting, curfew, all these continued in Rajasthan,” he said.

The Chief Minister said the Congress had shaken the confidence of women of Rajasthan.

“The Prime Minister says women are filing fake rape cases. Can it protect women? Does such a Prime Minister have the right to remain in office even for a minute? Modi asked.

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