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Cleanliness Is Not Happening In Jiwaji Ganj Park, Heaps Of Garbage

Social workers and flowers wearing officers are no longer visible

Morena. A week back in Jiwaji Ganj Park, some social workers conducted a cleanliness drive in Jiwaji Ganj Park. Earlier, some responsible officers of the Municipal Corporation were garlanded with flowers. Due to which the officers also got zeal for the work and on their orders, dozens of scavengers of the corporation gathered. The park was completely brightened up. But now no social worker nor official is visible here. The situation is that there are heaps of garbage inside and outside the park. People coming to the morning walk are seen cursing both the social worker and the corporation.
Let us tell here that a week ago, seeing the activity of some so called social workers and corporation officials, people felt that now if daily cleaning is done in Jiwaji Ganj, then there will be no dirt, but after a day neither sweeping nor garbage is being picked up. Due to this, dirt is spread all around inside and outside the park. The reason behind this has come to the fore is that earlier the common road to the park was open, so the garbage vehicle would enter from one side and leave the other side taking the garbage, but the officials were pleased after wearing a wreath on the previous day, as a blessing to the park. Put a lock on the common road, due to which the garbage vehicle is not able to move from here to there, so the garbage vehicle is not coming towards the park. Due to the locking of the common road of Ganj Park, there is a lot of resentment among the residents of Jiwaji Ganj towards some contractors of the society. If the lock is not opened in time, then that resentment can come on the road someday.