Childcare plan: Corona helps children who have lost their parents’ umbrella


Childcare plan: Corona helps children who have lost their parents’ umbrella

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Although life is going well now, many families affected by the corona are still suffering. The state government had announced a childcare scheme in June for children who have lost both their parents during this period. However, the public funds under the scheme were received in November after six months. Five lakh rupees has been received in the name of 23 children in the city. This will help them to earn a living and help in education.

Corona has lost the parental umbrella over the heads of many children in the district. The Government of Maharashtra had announced a ‘Child Care Scheme’ to provide financial assistance to these children. The scheme has already been implemented for children in need of care and protection. As per the government’s announcement, Rs 5 lakh will be deposited in the names of the missing children by both the parents. 38 children in the city have lost their parents due to corona. Five lakh has been deposited in the names of 23 children who have completed the required process. It is learned that the remaining 15 children will also benefit from this scheme soon.

Waiting for help

The state government had earlier delayed announcing the scheme for children orphaned by Corona. But even after the plan was announced, the children had to wait six months to actually get help.

Account with District Women Child Development Officer

Beneficiary children of the scheme have opened bank accounts with the District Women Child Development Officer. If the relatives come forward to take care of the child, they will also be given a grant from the Child Care Scheme of the Department of Women and Child Development. Apart from that a fixed deposit of Rs. 5 lakhs will be kept in the name of the child concerned. The term deposit will be in the joint bank account of the child and the District Women and Child Development Officer.

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